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CBDA Oil Immunfit 20

CBDA Oil Immunfit 20

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IMMUNFIT is the highest-dosed product in the Rhenum line with a proportion of approx. 20% CBD+CBDA (16% CBDA proportion), made from our high-quality full hemp extract. With a CBD:CBDA ratio of 1+5, the full potential of CBDA comes into its own in this product. 100% natural, gluten and lactose free, without chlorophyll or other additives.

Ingredients: 100% organic hemp full extract
All of the CBD oils we offer are aromatic oils and, by law, may only be used as such. Please inform yourself about the legal regulations for these products in your country and do not commit any misuse. Due to government regulations, we are obliged to provide information about this and we also comply with this obligation.
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