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Sleep 40% CBD Oil with CBD & CBG

Sleep 40% CBD Oil with CBD & CBG

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Are you looking for high-quality CBD oil to help you get a good night's sleep? Then you are exactly right with Happease Sleep 40% CBD Oil "Mountain River". This premium CBD oil is formulated to deliver powerful, concentrated doses of linalool and myrcene. It captivates with woody, rich tones and a strong, earthy scent. This is underscored by a crisp, fresh pine note that transports your senses to the fresh morning air of a forest canopy and induces you into a natural state of powerful, meditative comfort. Sleep 40% is Happease's highest concentration CBD oil, containing over 40% CBD and almost 10% CBG, confirmed by lab reports. RRP from the manufacturer €119.95.

Ingredients: Hemp extracts (40% CBD), natural terpenes, MCT
All of the CBD oils we offer are aromatic oils and, by law, may only be used as such. Please inform yourself about the legal regulations for these products in your country and do not commit any abuse
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