Collection: Canapa presents MIGRO LED

Here we present to you, apart from our standard offering, the Aray Red LED series from MIGRO. An Irish company that has developed the latest LED technology in top quality and produces it at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Take a look at the advantages and values ​​of the different models in our presentation and let us convince you of the flexibility, type of application, price and the values ​​achieved. As with all products we offer, we personally stand behind the quality of the goods offered and their effectiveness. We are convinced that your home garden will delight you with excellent results thanks to the use of MIGRO LEDs.

Facts instead of feelings:
At some point, choosing a grow light became complicated... MIGRO 's Shane Torpey has spent the last 2 years listening to their fans (and critics) to understand their concerns and needs - at the same time they have tested over 150 lights on the market .
The MIGRO ARAY was designed to take the guesswork out of choosing the right grow light for you - better light output with future-proof expandability from the MIGRO team. Experts you can trust.

Inspired by nature:
Designed for the full growth cycle to produce dense growth in the early vegetative phase, ARAY Spectrum promotes vigorous growth with a high concentration of flavonoids and terpenes in the flowering phase.

Module - grows with you:
Our grow light modules can be lined up or hung side by side to cover any size grow area. Connecting elements are available individually.

High efficiency for maximum yields:
The ARAY is highly efficient, producing more light and more yield with less power consumption - this reduces power consumption and reduces heat in your grow area.

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