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MIGRO ARAY 5x5 (750W)

MIGRO ARAY 5x5 (750W)

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The MIGRO ARAY 5X5 750W LED grow light delivers high PAR levels and incredibly consistent intensity over a 1.5m x 1.5m area.
Full spectrum - growth from seed to harvest
High efficiency 2.7 - high PAR value - low power consumption
4224 LEDs - intelligent spacing - even distribution
Oversized Heatsinks - LEDs run cool for a longer lifespan
External power supply - lower heat generation for longer service life
Dimming - on board - daisy chain - compatible with external controllers

Power consumed 750 watts
Efficiency PPF/Watt 2.7 µmols/joule
Flower Coverage Photoperiod Up to 150cm x 150cm (5ft x 5ft)
Average PPFD (usable PPF) 810 µmols/m2/sec
Flowering Cover Autoflowers Up to 180cm x 180cm (6ft x 6ft)
Average PPFD (usable PPF) 532 µmols/m2/sec
Driver dimmable: 20 to 100% PWM
LEDs 4224 Samsung white LEDS + Osram 660nm red
LED driver: highly efficient LIFUD
Lifespan 50,000 hours, warranty 3 years
Certification CE, RoHS2, UKCA EMC, EN 55015

Specification: minimum hanging height 30cm (12")
Dimmer setting: Seedlings (up to 3 weeks old): 40%, early vegetative phase (3 to 5 weeks old): increase from 80% to 100%, late vegetative phase and flowering: 100%
Number of LED strips 6, dimensions of the light 112cm x 112cm (44" x 44")
Voltage / Current 110V / 6.8 Amp; 220V / 3.4 Amp
LED protection acrylic compliant coating (waterproof IP66)
Suspension weight 7.5Kg (16lbs)
Suspension system: cable suspension and ratchet suspension
Cable length 4.5 m or 15 feet from LED driver to lamp
Local plug type included: US, UK, EU, AU or CH available.

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