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Brightening Face Serum - "Shock Effect"

Brightening Face Serum - "Shock Effect"

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Ultra-concentrated serum with brightening and anti-aging effects. Arbutin is known for its effect on inhibiting the synthesis and formation of melanin, which is essential for the
the hyperpigmentation of the skin. The synergy between ferulic acid and vitamin E (tocopherol), two powerful antioxidants, protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, pollution and ultraviolet rays.
Sodium ascorbyl phosphate gives the skin more radiance, promotes and stimulates collagen production, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is known for its anti-aging and moisturizing effects, while hemp oil is highly nourishing and elasticizing. Used morning and evening, the effect is visible after just a few days: the skin receives even pigmentation, moisture, firmness and elasticity.
This smoothing serum has been specially formulated without glycolic acid or similar ingredients; it therefore does not cause photosensitivity or contraindications to sun exposure after use.

recommended for:

- pale, atonic skin
- Skin prone to hyperpigmentation
- Skin with uneven complexion

Ingredients: Water, Oryza sativa starch, glycerin, sodium PCA, cannabis sativa seed oil, arbutin,
Sodium hyaluronate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, tocopherol, ferulic acid, benzyl
Alcohol, propanediol, caprylyl glycol, dicaprylyl ether, xanthan gum, benzoic acid,
Perfume (*).
(*) Fragrance according to AIAB specifications
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