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Eye contour gel lifting effect

Eye contour gel lifting effect

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The skin around the eyes is very thin and is subjected daily to the contractions of various muscle bundles stimulated by our facial expressions. For this reason, wrinkles often appear at a young age. With time and loss of elasticity, the skin around the eyes tends to spread and form crow's feet. In addition, fluid retention, fatigue and stress tend to form unsightly bags under the eyes. Such complaints can be easily remedied and prevented with this odorless and soft gel. Ideal for treating the devitalized, suffocated eye area, characterized by sagging skin and expression lines. Formulated as a highly concentrated restructuring gel with firming and decongestant properties, it has a pronounced nourishing effect thanks to hemp oil.
The plant extracts from Kigelia Africana and Quillaia Saponaria with their antioxidant and moisturizing properties effectively contribute to the prevention of chrono- and photo-aging, smooth small facial wrinkles and reduce bags under the eyes. The lifting effect is noticeable from the first application: the skin around the eyes is firm, compact and feels pleasantly velvety. The special microcrystal structure guarantees a gradual release of the active ingredients (sustained release effect), which ensures a long-lasting relaxing and moisturizing effect.

recommended for:

- Attenuation of deep wrinkles and fine lines
- Alleviating the effect of bags under the eyes
- combats sagging of the skin of the eyelids
- Prevents and corrects signs of skin aging

Ingredients: Water; Quillaja Saponaria bark extract; Kigelia Africana fruit extract; xanthan gum; Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil; Chondrus crispus powder; glucose; glycerin; Hydrolyzed rice bran protein; sodium hydroxide; sodium dehydroacetate; sodium benzoate; Glycine Soy Protein; dehydroacetic acid; tocopherol; gluconolactone; Benzyl alcohol.
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